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We make and manufacture “made to measure” Industrial Curtains.

We mainly specialize in garage curtains for M.O.T bays, Service bays curtains, Valet bay curtains, bodyshop door curtainscurtains for spray booths and aluminium bay curtains. We also make garden lean-to curtains, garden & gazebo curtains.

IMG_0310All our curtains are made to fit your door exactly, no matter what shape or size we can make the curtains to fit.  The Health and Safety Legislation states that no unauthorized people and non-employee’s are allowed to walk in or through the work space or workshop, with our garage curtains you create the barrier to stop this. Also our curtains stop wind, dust, leaves, dirt and cold drafts from coming in the work space/shop. The beautiful of our garage curtains is that you achieve this, while still having your garage look like it is open.

Industrial Curtains - Spray Booth CurtainsOur heavy duty curtain mechanism works similar to that on a shower curtains, so they slide to the left or right out of your way when you don’t need them.

Our garage curtains as you can see by our pictures come in single curtains or in pairs. These designs are the most popular that we make, but remember your curtains are all custom made to fit your garage or workshop, so you can have them made exactly home you like.. The material that we use is extremely durable and comes in various colours to match your garage.

The basic colours are: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, yellow, red, black, white, orange and grey.

we will try our hardest to get the closest colour match that we can for your business.



Vinyl lettering can be fitted to curtains in any colour, shape and size, even your company logos and such. The normal signs are: (reception with an arrow) and (staff only) but the signs are tailored to your liking.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for a free quote.